Place of congrees


Slovakia (in Slovakian, Slovensko) is a country in central Europe of more than 5 million inhabitants. It has no coastline and its neighbours are the Czech Republic to the Northwest, Poland to the Northeast, Ukraine to the East, Hungary to the South and Austria to the West. It has been independent since the 1st January 1993, when Czechoslovakia dissolved. The official language of Slovakia is Slovakian, and in some regions Hungarian or Romanian is spoken. Slovakia itself is geographically diverse and is known for its mountains and national parks (9 in total.)

Don’t forget that the only currency used in Slovakia is the euro, so if you come from a country where this currency isn’t used, change the money in your country, or you can use a bureau de change in Slovakia (it’s easiest to change currencies of neighbouring countries, British pounds or US dollars.)

Liptovský Hrádok

Liptovský Hrádok is a town found between two famous mountain ranges in northern Slovakia – between the High and Low Tatras – and at the convergence of two rivers – Váh and Belá. The town has about 7000 inhabitants, so we have the chance to show off Esperanto even in such a small town. The town itself has existed for more than 700 years and is surrounded mostly by unique, diverse and touristic attractions and sights.

Among them can be found:

·         National cultural monuments – a medieval castle, churches, belltower, a building of the former Sala and copper office;

·         Remains of a Jewish tomb and unique buildings, which were built using a specific technique of Liptovian builders; the highest functioning arboretum in central Europe;

·         Tilia Aleo, in which there are trees more than 200 years old.

The congress venue

The main congress building is a high school connected to a more or less 200 bed student residence. Part of the main congress building is also a student cafeteria, where food will be provided. In the building there are many classrooms with communal areas, which are suitable for the various activities of the daily programme. There we can also find a sports hall, so there’s the chance to play sports during IJK. In the surroundings of the building we can also camp, because the venue itself is surrounded by trees.

However, IJK will take place in two different locations. The second venue is 400 metres from the main building. It’s also a student residence, where the evening events will take place, because they are more suitable for ‘noisy’ events, considering that the surroundings are only mountains. Therefore we recommend it to everyone who likes to party at night.

More or less 150 metres from the main venue is a cultural centre, where we aim to organise a large concert and other important programme events.

We can see the IJK venue and town on the map:


Latitude: 49.0397084

Longitude: 19.7275984


Main congress building/ reception: Hradná 534, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok, Slovensko

Second venue: Celiny 536/1, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok, Slovensko