Rules for a pleasant IJK atmosphere

We want to provide a pleasant experience free from any harassment towards any participations. We don’t tolerate harassment towards congress participants in any form.

Harassment includes offensive spoken comments (relating to sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, national origin, age, religion, ethnicity), sexual images in public spaces, intentional intimidation, stalking, unwanted photographing or filming, unwanted interruption of conversations or other events, inappropriate physical touching, and unwanted sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any behaviour perceived as harassment are expected to do so immediately.

If the participant engages in harassing behaviour, the organisers can take any measures they consider appropriate, including warning the offender, to expel that person from the congress (obviously without a refund), or turning them in to the local police.

We specifically invite you not to put up posters, hand out, project or otherwise distribute during the congress any material (recruitment, information etc), which uses sexual or sexualised content to capture attention.

Discussions or pictures related to sex, pornography, discrimination, or similar, is welcome only in exceptional cases, when they fulfil the following conditions:

1.   The organisers give their permission (eg. Accepted officially to put it in the event program);

2.   They are necessary for the topic of the discussion and there are no alternatives;

3.   They are presented in a respectful manner;

4.   The participants are warned in advance and have the ability to leave the activity if they feel uncomfortable.

Smoking is not permitted in the congress venue. You can smoke outside, but please be aware not to bother other people who don’t like the smoke and don’t forget to throw the cigarette butt in the bin.

Not everyone wants to be photographed. Despite that, many people take photos during IJK. In order to respect others, don’t photograph people who don’t want to be, and if you plan to post those photos, inform and ask permission of the people to be photographed before taking photos or publishing/ distributing them.

We hope that participants will follow these regulations in each congress venue and congress-related social events. The policy against harassment relates also to event representations of other organisations and organising teams, trainers, speakers and outside guests.

If you are harassed, notice that someone else is harassed, or have any other worry, please contact a member of the organising team immediately. The organising team will be happy to help, advise or discuss a suitable solution. More specific contacts and resources for conscious coexistence will be provided before and during the event.

Doubts, questions or comments about these regulations you can already find directly at: and/or